Sunday, August 24, 2008


i want so expired Polaroid film for Vickie's Polaroid camera.

Fisheye cheap-o-camera.

A holga cheap-o-camera

and they sort of come out like this...

oh and i really want a bike! maybe not this one exactly but one similar to it that i could find at a thrift store...

AND a purse a black one...
The Office Season 3 and 4!
and all 3 seasons of Arrested Development!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I my body just wakes up at 9:50 no matter what time i went to be the next day...

A- Animal of choice? Bulldogs... i know vickie is going to say that i took that from her too but i really really want one... but i mean if we are talking like wild animals...i think panthers are beautiful.

B- Born? March 31, 1987

D- Date of Choice? making food and a movie but i've never done that..

E- Essential Item? Zooey (my ipod)Dechenel

F- Favorite Foods? Chiles Rellenos

G- Gas or Diesel? i prefer an eco. friendly car

H- Hobbies? Photo journaling.

I- favorite ice cream? Vanilla with Raspberries!

J- current job? none... looking for one...

K- Kids? i want some of my own when i'm married and i want to adopt a child who is older or who is mentally challenged 

L- Last vacation? mmmm... i think it was to orlando florida 06. But if i count Portland... that was this last mid semester break!

M- Morning person or Night owl? Funny i just learned i was a morning person this past semester.

N- Number of Siblings? 3, Vickie 20, Felipe 14, Dani 11

O- OCD or Sloppy? Middle but leaning more towards OCD.

P- Pet peeves? Pick up after your self.

Q- Quiet or Loud? Loud with a small crowed, Quite with a big crowd

R- Restaurants? California Pizza Kitchen. or El Taco Real

S- Sports? Volley Ball.

T- Tight wad or Spender? Tight.

U- Unknown Fact? I won third place in me Elementary School Chess Tournament...

V- Vegetables? I'm a Vegetarian! i love them all but i love Mushrooms the best!

W- Worst Habit? do i have habits?!?!?! 

X- xtra curricular activities? Art club, Volleyball

Y- Your favortite things about yourself? Physically, my nose. i like that i make goals. i like that when i decided to do something that its for me and not just to please people but if pleasing people is part of it then great! 

Z- Zodiac Sign? Aries 

Day 53: Thursday

i need to make plans to see heather and to see Talia before they leave...
Having the boys here is a lot of fun!
pictures of the day to come...

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Day 49:Sunday

Peter and Heathers first and most likly last "couple" photo. Heather needed a pretend boyfriend for the nigh so that the twon guys that are after her would leave her alone. funny how they didnt get the hint!
on our way back to heather's me and peter ran over a possem. eewww... we both screamed and in a way it was reliving... 
Marla Singer and Tyler Durden...
me and peter got free ice cream... chewed on our spoons and gave them names!
Followed by Tatooes! Overcast kids tats! haha silly me and peter and Caitlin paid 30$ to join the fall out boy fan club... these were a few tats we got in our fan club goody package this was from like when i was 17... i'm now 21 anyways me and peter had fin putting all sorts of silly tatooes!
i believe this was the 2 nights later . me vickie peter and adam had a slumber party! we got candy like usual and we watched the virgin's suicide but i was so out of it and i fell asleep... but that didnt keep adam and peter from going crazy and filming! followed by them showing us the funniest home made videos!!! oh my!!! top 5 funniest movies i have seen! i love adam and peter together they go crazy! ha

this was our second time in athens and we helped peter paint this in his room! pretty awesome!
the line is from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind. my favorite movie as well as peters. Fun times!