Sunday, January 18, 2009

I'll never have a dinner like i had last night

I went over to Peter's yesterday because his mom wanted to make me dinner. It was cool I thought i was going to casual but his mom made dinner and we ate it in their dinning room with music in the background. Kinda fancy... Anyways so it was jut me Peter and his parents. Eating with Peter is always entertaining. But at this dinner he talked about Masons, Ninja fighting styles, being cultured, a Celin Dion Concert, Ligers and by the end of dinner Peter was proving to his parents that he could tear a phone book in half. Like in the middle of dinner Peter got up to find a phone book so that he could tear it in half! I was laughing so hard and so was Peter's dad. It was just great like the conversations that we were having and Peter's mom was just trying to to have this nice dinner and she was chuckling every once in a while.
I was i had taped that dinner. I was AMAZING!
we went to barns and noble afterwards to look at their art books.

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Saturday, January 17, 2009


i really enjoy reading tom and quinn's blogs. They make me laugh! sometimes that just all i need.
Thanks guys.

I wish i was funny like you all! By you all I do mean all of my friends!

So I just really want to get my mission call. I'm making plans to drive out to Idaho and visit Vickie and "My Boyfriends" plus some other friends. Planing on doing this with my new friend Rachel i really hope this works out. But I need to get my call so I know by when I should go visit.

I have so many movie that i want to watch. I just don't think that anyone is really interested in watching movie and chilling out... I don't mind watching movies by myself i just feel stupid laughing out loud when no one is around.

Monday, January 5, 2009


Saturday, January 3, 2009

check check check check it out!
i got a crush on the Beastie Boys... i mean like the music not the guys like i do with Kevin Jonas... haha jk on the jonas brother thing... kinda of...
vickie leaves on tuesday its going to be weird... it'll be just fine though i think we both need this. So after like a year i think my papers will finally be in next Sunday. i wanted to leave a year ago but i think i got scared at one point and then they lost my medical forms but now i'm 100% digging the whole mission thing. i just need one more interview and that goes down next Sunday. maybe sooner...