Monday, November 17, 2008

I made a really good friend at church! amanda! she's mexican and alot like me and vickie in the sense that we are mexican but we dont really act/dress like it! she's a year older but it like she is my older sister haha. stake conference was yesterday and saturday! she came over to eat my mom's mexican food saturday! And i also made another friend geoffrey and he came to eat as well they both thought it was deliciouses! Geoffrey is so smooth and silly, glade that were're friends with him. and by "we" i mean me and vickie. we ate Chiles Rellenos! my favorite! and Sunday me vickie and amanda had pancakes for breakfast! we hung out like all weekend going to sunken doughnuts and chilling out! i love friends!

got my wisdom teeth taken out today! this was what i looked like when i got back home. haha
my face was numb from the ears down and i dont know how other people feel but my face felt like it was fat! its was weird feeling. but this was my first time to ever get sugery and i was pretty scared! i dont know when i actually feel asleep and i dont remeber getting home! vickie video recored the event! i'll post it her later.

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