Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Day30: Tuesday

Day 25well i had a picture in the slc airport... goodbye west coast... we got home went to appelbees and went went home to hang out with caitlin! she she was our official first friend to come and see us!! i love her so much!
Day 26day 

This was sunday! me and vickie drove to see peter! well from my aunts house... decided we were hungry and went to got CANDY! 
let me take a minute to say then when your a kid that really all you want. so why is it that when we are all grown up that we don't eat them more often? i dont know? 
So we got our candy... sour patch kids, sour skittles and M&Ms... actually and since that night every time we hung out we got candy...

Day 30?
i want to say that this was the day that me and vickie made super nachos for Peter's mom!
it was way fun! it was the first time Peter went grocery shopping! we went to buy all the ingredients and we went to make them at Peter's house! it was so
 funny! mostly because Peter is crazy and funny... seriously like when he dropped a spoon or something he yelled out out loud for no reason and picked up the spoon off the ground... random and silly me and vickie love spending time with peter! he makes us laugh! The dinner proceeded to him eating the 10 layer nachos without a fork silly... oh and this was Peter's second day at being a vegetarian. and this was also the day that Petere decided he was mexican and he gave us a name... Mexitarian...

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Back Home

we are back to Ga!
pictures and details to come

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Day 27: Tuesday

the day was full of chilling out with old and new friends.
Didn't really get to say goodbye the way i wanted to to a few of my friends.
The reception for the wedding was way beautiful. Meghan looked amazing and Brady was just a stud. They booth looked like they were from the 70! i'm so jealous!!!!!!
i said goodbye to my friends it was sad but i know i will see them again!
Meghan is like my first real friend who has gotten married! i'm so happy for her and i'm going to miss her too.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Day 26: Monday

So we go up when ever you lil hearts desired took out time to get ready watched some of the movie The Fountain with Terrance, Terrance went to work and we finished getting ready to go shopping. We left and it was an okay drive down to SLC but on the way back it was a nightmare! There were no signs anywhere and we had to turn around so many times. I pumped gas for like the 2nd time in my life and that was cool. Aw man Deb was freaking out because we got lost and because we could never get on the right road back to Ogden. It was bad. Anyways we had fun. 
Came back to Terrance's hung out for a bit and then we went to eat at TGIFidays. had some tasty food. came home and waited for Tom, Quinn and Landy. And then we just chilled. the rest of the night.
Peace and Love

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Day 25: Sunday

 i hate packing and that was all i did friday morning and after noon and saturday! YUCK YUCK YUCK! So this is a photo form day 22 Thursday.

This photo is Day 23:Friday
 Friday was a great day! i got up early to get everything that i need doneat school. Helped out Tyler with a photo. Cleaned and packed. Meet the Gibson's BBQ. McDonalds icecream.
 Twin Bridges, I jumped! Screamed along to Hello Good
bye with Zach and Vickie! Fireworks, Rolling lit
 up tires at the Spill Way! Blowing up propane bottles! and then back home with Deb
 and v
ickie to clean up for white glove. BOO!

Day 24: Saturday 
Checked out form colonial. at 12:oo pm and then me and Deb took showers
 in the lounge ha. Followed by watching Stick It. Then Tom helped us move our stuff. Then to Ryan and Quinn's. I wanted to make sure to say bye to Ryan but Ryan ended up staying the night and so we all just hung out(Ryan, Quinn,
 Tom, Deb, Vickie, and me) we went to Hard Hat and since everyone ate stakes but me i was way hungry but everyone wanted to go take naps. 
Okay so we were just flipping through the channels and we saw that Broke Back Mountain was on
 TV and Tom was all excited because they have been the "Gay Cowboys" for a long time making fun of the movie but they had never seen it and now it was on TV! haha So we change it it had just started i didn't think that they were really going to watch it but we saw the whole movie. I saw this movie with Kelly and Molly when it was in Theaters.
 I definitely liked it better on TV. Anyways the boys ended up liking the movie. Silly. We totally missed Zach. 
After Broke Back Mountain we went to Denny's came home had a Slumber Party in the living room with 3 mattresses and i just crashed i was so tired. Fun Times!
Day 24:Sunday 
we got up late watched tv alot and just chilled out until we were all really hungry, We said bye to Ryan and then we grabed something to eat said bye to Brad and then me
 Vickie and Deb got on the road to go to Utah! We played good sining and chick
 music and it was a blast! Made a stop at Albertsons to get something to eat an
d then to Terrance's House to wait for Terrance, Zach and Jed. Terrance came home and we
 watched Batman Begins and soon Zach and Jed got here and they brought Megahan and Brady, we finished watching the movie and we
 went to Racheritos haha came home stayed up talking about seriously everything and then we all fell asleep. Good day!
Here are more Photo from the weekend:

Friday, July 18, 2008

Last Day of School.

i'm so done with school!!
honestly i worked my but off in all my art classes but i really feel like i got an A on all of them.
however when it comes to choosing battles my art classes came first and i half A$$ed my other classes and i know for sure i got a B in my british lit class and an in my prep to eternal marriage class. but over all successful semester.


Sunday, July 13, 2008

Days 14-19 Slorry

All monday i stay in the photo lab and this was my image from Tuesday. I stayed in the library untill 8:00pm working on a paper and stuff. I hated it. Then i went to Matt's place to hang out and watch Freaks and Geeks. Good times i just wish me and matt would hang out more than just once a month. i guess i didn't take a photo for wednesday but this was my image for Thurday. I went to the baroque FA100 event and sat next to Meghan kat's
 roommate yeah she is really cool girl and i wish i had know that she had FA100 too that way i wouldn't have felt like a losser sit by myself at all the events. Any ways i took the photo at FA100 i was trying to stay awake so i decided to take photos and see what would come up. the photo is of
 my dress and necklace the color looks a bit blue and dumb.  

i guess i didnt take a photo on Friday either but we got into the spori basment and watched the lion king on the projector. went back to nicool's place and made home made ice cream and chocolate chips cookies. it was like a girls night out. it was good.
saturday... float trip down the fork river! it was horrible! the water wa
s freezing. i was shivering the entire time and i cold and i got sun burned! i hated it! but i still had fun. Came home, Nap, Desg. 
and Color homework and then we went to hang out with the boys pluse friends! Steve and Shauna came up to visit.
This was the photo for saturday. We decided to go to Burger king and i got a veggie burger! fries as a meat replacement! its the greatest idea ever! YUM YUM YUM!! zach got the idea from nate ( from the format) thanks Zach and Nate!
i have no idead why this is being DUMB!

Thursday, July 10, 2008


finals week i'll be back to post pictures of the day and to update
peace and love

Monday, July 7, 2008

Day 13:Monday

My day was ruined by my Desg. and Color teacher!!
However it was rescued by my productive day and by my photo being hung up on the wall in photo lab.
 The Hula girl is on toms truck.  Oh how i'm going to miss my boyfriends!
This was the shot of the day.
 Peace and Love.

Day 12: Sunday

This was the shot to 11:11 me vickie and deb stayed outside( as long as we could until it actually started to rain) watching the thunder storm. Funny how you take simple things for granted. In Georgia we always have thunderstorms but here in Idaho they aren't common. I loved watching the thunderstorm. Thunderstorms will always make me feel like a kid.
As for the shot of the day here it is.

Saturday, July 5, 2008



Later that day...

I started to read Twilight last semester read about 100 pages in one sitting and the only reason i stopped was because i needed to take a nap. It was way good and i wanted to finish it so i started to read it so i could just get away from everything that was on my mind. 

Here is my shot for 11:11 we went to eat pizza 
and just hang out at Quinn's parents house but we ended up just eating and talking on the Trampoline! This was really the only time that made me happy the entire day.  My whole day was just off. So, i had my whole day planned out and i couldn't get any of it done! 
Jake took me out to get Jamba and that got me through the morning. 
I was so excited that at the end of the day i got to smile. I was finding that really hard through out the day. Oh gosh it was a crazy fun night! uncomfortable and full of awkward moves here and there! oh how i would shot myself if i didn't have the friends that i spend everyday with!

Day 10:Friday

4th of july!i had fun!
emily was here and i love her!!!
we saw the parade in the morning
tom's sisters for lunch.
bridge jumping.
monkey rock.
sand bar
firework here and there!
i love my friends and for the most part i had so much fun!
i mean i wish that handful of friends that i have outside of idaho were here to make it perfect but i loved tonight!
i love my friends!
"whats more american than Will Smith" -Zach Gibson

Oh this is my shot for the day. Nate and Quinn were wearing red shorts with strips. i thought it was a funny moment. 

p.s. Spencer and Hidi are GROSS!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Day 9: Thursday

shot for 11:11.
we went to rigby lake around 9 because there were going to be fireworks! we went with tom, zach, deb, vickie and EMILY!
emily was my first and favorite room mate ever! she is truly and amazing girl! She is the kind and a really great friend she always there if you need her. She will never fail you! so after rigby we just went to smith park to hang out and we ran into Ford! and it was just way chill but we all had fun!

This is the shot of the day it was just of me chillin in the park.  OH yeah no school tomorrow! 4th of JULY!

Day 8: Wednesday

This is my shot for 11:11

These are my shot for yesterday! Me Vickie and Zach went to go see Tilly and The Wall yesterday! we drove all the way to salt lake (4hrs) just to see them and drove back that night. It was crazy but SO WORHT IT! The venue that we went to was way small and the fans weren't that bad either! Tily did such a great job! i so want to see them again. 
 The ride back home was exhausting but we played a get to know you better game with zach and that was intersting and fun. oh and me and vickie made a SWEET road trip mix. i had a lot of fun yesterday!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Day 7: Tuesday

me and vickie went to Daniela's going away/birthday party but i couldn't stay there so i asked Vickie if we could leave. We were seriously there for 3 mins. We left and we soon realized that we had no other friends that weren't at Danielas thing or on the way to idaho falls. BUT oh how we were wrong. Matt Hoffman wasn't there but it also didn't help that he wasn't home. So off we wen to visit KAT!!!
she was soo home we talked outside for a bit and then we made our way to Jamba on her cute yellow green buggie! Were i think we stayed to talk till about 11:30. I genuinely love and care for Kat. i know she gets it alot but i do think that she has a lot of wisdom in her and i think she is the kind of person that you have something to learn from. Oh and she is like 2 years younger than me. She is like Talia.

Here is my shot for today. Totally tyler.

Devotional was pretty good today.

I hate(d) today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

however i got a 100 on my lit quiz from last time.

Peace and Love

Day 6: Monday

I get done with school around 2pm but i got out like at 1 pm i was way tired from the night before i stayed up late waiting for Jana to open her mission call which by the way she is going to ROME ITALY!
So i came back home and i took a nap and i got up and watched some SNL skits on hulu.com and i got bored so me and deb went on a bike ride so that i could take some photos. 

Cam back home went to FHE came back home and i read some talks for my Prep to Eternal Marriage class and did that till about 9:00 so i spent most of my day since around 1:30 on my bed looking at my computer screen. GROSS!!

So at 9:15 Tom called vickie so that we could go to the movies. 

We went to go watch Iron Man. i liked it cheese but it was good. Brandon Judy came! i never see him anymore and he is so silly.

Sorry there is not shot for 11:11 we were in the movies and it was way to dark to take a photo of what vickie was doing. SAD!