Sunday, July 13, 2008

Days 14-19 Slorry

All monday i stay in the photo lab and this was my image from Tuesday. I stayed in the library untill 8:00pm working on a paper and stuff. I hated it. Then i went to Matt's place to hang out and watch Freaks and Geeks. Good times i just wish me and matt would hang out more than just once a month. i guess i didn't take a photo for wednesday but this was my image for Thurday. I went to the baroque FA100 event and sat next to Meghan kat's
 roommate yeah she is really cool girl and i wish i had know that she had FA100 too that way i wouldn't have felt like a losser sit by myself at all the events. Any ways i took the photo at FA100 i was trying to stay awake so i decided to take photos and see what would come up. the photo is of
 my dress and necklace the color looks a bit blue and dumb.  

i guess i didnt take a photo on Friday either but we got into the spori basment and watched the lion king on the projector. went back to nicool's place and made home made ice cream and chocolate chips cookies. it was like a girls night out. it was good.
saturday... float trip down the fork river! it was horrible! the water wa
s freezing. i was shivering the entire time and i cold and i got sun burned! i hated it! but i still had fun. Came home, Nap, Desg. 
and Color homework and then we went to hang out with the boys pluse friends! Steve and Shauna came up to visit.
This was the photo for saturday. We decided to go to Burger king and i got a veggie burger! fries as a meat replacement! its the greatest idea ever! YUM YUM YUM!! zach got the idea from nate ( from the format) thanks Zach and Nate!
i have no idead why this is being DUMB!

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