Friday, December 12, 2008

BUT i just want my friend back, that is all i want, my friend...
sounds less sleeps is good! 12/10

this is how mexicans work out! 12/9

ugly x-mas sweater party 12/11

Thursday, December 4, 2008

my long lost sister amanda!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

i dont fee like my self.
i woke up in a funk today... actually the past cuple days.... can i get back to me please.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Christmas season!

this was saturday night!
atlantic station new friends, new times, good times. This should be our Christmas card!

but as for today... today was the weirdsest day... notthing felt right... it scares me, its like i forgot something and i never found out what it was?

Monday, November 17, 2008

I made a really good friend at church! amanda! she's mexican and alot like me and vickie in the sense that we are mexican but we dont really act/dress like it! she's a year older but it like she is my older sister haha. stake conference was yesterday and saturday! she came over to eat my mom's mexican food saturday! And i also made another friend geoffrey and he came to eat as well they both thought it was deliciouses! Geoffrey is so smooth and silly, glade that were're friends with him. and by "we" i mean me and vickie. we ate Chiles Rellenos! my favorite! and Sunday me vickie and amanda had pancakes for breakfast! we hung out like all weekend going to sunken doughnuts and chilling out! i love friends!

got my wisdom teeth taken out today! this was what i looked like when i got back home. haha
my face was numb from the ears down and i dont know how other people feel but my face felt like it was fat! its was weird feeling. but this was my first time to ever get sugery and i was pretty scared! i dont know when i actually feel asleep and i dont remeber getting home! vickie video recored the event! i'll post it her later.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


i need to update! photos to come.
i made friends.
a mexican could quite possibly be my half sister!
and 2 boys!
i miss idaho!
i miss my friends there!
peace and love

Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Baby Calls Me Rachero Caliente!

i didn't do a good job this week at taking photos...

These are my favorite shoes. My brown warped vans i got them in destine florida with talia and vickie summer before my senior year. they were 10 bucks and the guy that gave then to me thought i was cute so he gave them to me for 8!they have been through alot! they are going to go bye bye soon. they have multiple holes everywhere. but they are the most comfortable things ever! i dont know if i have the heart to throw them away. 9/15

This is Denise. She is my cousin's daughter cute huh!she is 2! you cant help but melt when you meet her. we all went to go get ice cream and and her ate our ice cream
 on the floor in front of Brusters and then i finished mine on the b
ench where i took this photo of her. She is one of the few kids who doesnt smile or react when there is a camera. I thought that was fascinating. 


vickie in the car with a mouth full of Carne Asada tacos but she couldnt help but sing along to Shake Your Peace in the car! 9/21

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Day 9/14

after being mad at my dad for yelling at me i stayed in my room for the rest of the night read Invisible Monsters again, wheat thins strawberries for dinner, listen to some new cds and went wrote about my recent photos...
it was a chill day.


paco has a girl friend and for her birthday he wanted to make her a cake and video tape him making it. Cute idea too bad the cake didn't come out ha. It was an Impossible Cake, Flan and regular cake in one. 9/9

this is my view...
buenos dias/tardes... que se les ofreses?
agua or algo mas?
ok gracias....

but i will be unemployed at the end of the month... :(

Day... i lost count

vickie got new headphones pretty pretty.8/31

my Friend Tyler T. After a very long time like a year i saw him and kyle again! i love seeing these guys they are so funny and just good company! however i noticed that me and Tyler have nothing in common! But we get along perfectly he has a way of making me laugh! 9/1

This is home now. Still unpacking and making things work. Hello to the 6th place i have moved into the past 2 years. sometimes i wish i could have my own room to come to when i come back to GA. its watevers.9/3

Work Work Work...
5:30-7:30 El Taco Real
i need to look cute for the customer, i get better tips when i look good ha 9/4

Cake... Daniel's birthday he is now 8 ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Sunday, August 24, 2008


i want so expired Polaroid film for Vickie's Polaroid camera.

Fisheye cheap-o-camera.

A holga cheap-o-camera

and they sort of come out like this...

oh and i really want a bike! maybe not this one exactly but one similar to it that i could find at a thrift store...

AND a purse a black one...
The Office Season 3 and 4!
and all 3 seasons of Arrested Development!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I my body just wakes up at 9:50 no matter what time i went to be the next day...

A- Animal of choice? Bulldogs... i know vickie is going to say that i took that from her too but i really really want one... but i mean if we are talking like wild animals...i think panthers are beautiful.

B- Born? March 31, 1987

D- Date of Choice? making food and a movie but i've never done that..

E- Essential Item? Zooey (my ipod)Dechenel

F- Favorite Foods? Chiles Rellenos

G- Gas or Diesel? i prefer an eco. friendly car

H- Hobbies? Photo journaling.

I- favorite ice cream? Vanilla with Raspberries!

J- current job? none... looking for one...

K- Kids? i want some of my own when i'm married and i want to adopt a child who is older or who is mentally challenged 

L- Last vacation? mmmm... i think it was to orlando florida 06. But if i count Portland... that was this last mid semester break!

M- Morning person or Night owl? Funny i just learned i was a morning person this past semester.

N- Number of Siblings? 3, Vickie 20, Felipe 14, Dani 11

O- OCD or Sloppy? Middle but leaning more towards OCD.

P- Pet peeves? Pick up after your self.

Q- Quiet or Loud? Loud with a small crowed, Quite with a big crowd

R- Restaurants? California Pizza Kitchen. or El Taco Real

S- Sports? Volley Ball.

T- Tight wad or Spender? Tight.

U- Unknown Fact? I won third place in me Elementary School Chess Tournament...

V- Vegetables? I'm a Vegetarian! i love them all but i love Mushrooms the best!

W- Worst Habit? do i have habits?!?!?! 

X- xtra curricular activities? Art club, Volleyball

Y- Your favortite things about yourself? Physically, my nose. i like that i make goals. i like that when i decided to do something that its for me and not just to please people but if pleasing people is part of it then great! 

Z- Zodiac Sign? Aries 

Day 53: Thursday

i need to make plans to see heather and to see Talia before they leave...
Having the boys here is a lot of fun!
pictures of the day to come...

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Day 49:Sunday

Peter and Heathers first and most likly last "couple" photo. Heather needed a pretend boyfriend for the nigh so that the twon guys that are after her would leave her alone. funny how they didnt get the hint!
on our way back to heather's me and peter ran over a possem. eewww... we both screamed and in a way it was reliving... 
Marla Singer and Tyler Durden...
me and peter got free ice cream... chewed on our spoons and gave them names!
Followed by Tatooes! Overcast kids tats! haha silly me and peter and Caitlin paid 30$ to join the fall out boy fan club... these were a few tats we got in our fan club goody package this was from like when i was 17... i'm now 21 anyways me and peter had fin putting all sorts of silly tatooes!
i believe this was the 2 nights later . me vickie peter and adam had a slumber party! we got candy like usual and we watched the virgin's suicide but i was so out of it and i fell asleep... but that didnt keep adam and peter from going crazy and filming! followed by them showing us the funniest home made videos!!! oh my!!! top 5 funniest movies i have seen! i love adam and peter together they go crazy! ha

this was our second time in athens and we helped peter paint this in his room! pretty awesome!
the line is from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind. my favorite movie as well as peters. Fun times!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Day30: Tuesday

Day 25well i had a picture in the slc airport... goodbye west coast... we got home went to appelbees and went went home to hang out with caitlin! she she was our official first friend to come and see us!! i love her so much!
Day 26day 

This was sunday! me and vickie drove to see peter! well from my aunts house... decided we were hungry and went to got CANDY! 
let me take a minute to say then when your a kid that really all you want. so why is it that when we are all grown up that we don't eat them more often? i dont know? 
So we got our candy... sour patch kids, sour skittles and M&Ms... actually and since that night every time we hung out we got candy...

Day 30?
i want to say that this was the day that me and vickie made super nachos for Peter's mom!
it was way fun! it was the first time Peter went grocery shopping! we went to buy all the ingredients and we went to make them at Peter's house! it was so
 funny! mostly because Peter is crazy and funny... seriously like when he dropped a spoon or something he yelled out out loud for no reason and picked up the spoon off the ground... random and silly me and vickie love spending time with peter! he makes us laugh! The dinner proceeded to him eating the 10 layer nachos without a fork silly... oh and this was Peter's second day at being a vegetarian. and this was also the day that Petere decided he was mexican and he gave us a name... Mexitarian...

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Back Home

we are back to Ga!
pictures and details to come

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Day 27: Tuesday

the day was full of chilling out with old and new friends.
Didn't really get to say goodbye the way i wanted to to a few of my friends.
The reception for the wedding was way beautiful. Meghan looked amazing and Brady was just a stud. They booth looked like they were from the 70! i'm so jealous!!!!!!
i said goodbye to my friends it was sad but i know i will see them again!
Meghan is like my first real friend who has gotten married! i'm so happy for her and i'm going to miss her too.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Day 26: Monday

So we go up when ever you lil hearts desired took out time to get ready watched some of the movie The Fountain with Terrance, Terrance went to work and we finished getting ready to go shopping. We left and it was an okay drive down to SLC but on the way back it was a nightmare! There were no signs anywhere and we had to turn around so many times. I pumped gas for like the 2nd time in my life and that was cool. Aw man Deb was freaking out because we got lost and because we could never get on the right road back to Ogden. It was bad. Anyways we had fun. 
Came back to Terrance's hung out for a bit and then we went to eat at TGIFidays. had some tasty food. came home and waited for Tom, Quinn and Landy. And then we just chilled. the rest of the night.
Peace and Love

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Day 25: Sunday

 i hate packing and that was all i did friday morning and after noon and saturday! YUCK YUCK YUCK! So this is a photo form day 22 Thursday.

This photo is Day 23:Friday
 Friday was a great day! i got up early to get everything that i need doneat school. Helped out Tyler with a photo. Cleaned and packed. Meet the Gibson's BBQ. McDonalds icecream.
 Twin Bridges, I jumped! Screamed along to Hello Good
bye with Zach and Vickie! Fireworks, Rolling lit
 up tires at the Spill Way! Blowing up propane bottles! and then back home with Deb
 and v
ickie to clean up for white glove. BOO!

Day 24: Saturday 
Checked out form colonial. at 12:oo pm and then me and Deb took showers
 in the lounge ha. Followed by watching Stick It. Then Tom helped us move our stuff. Then to Ryan and Quinn's. I wanted to make sure to say bye to Ryan but Ryan ended up staying the night and so we all just hung out(Ryan, Quinn,
 Tom, Deb, Vickie, and me) we went to Hard Hat and since everyone ate stakes but me i was way hungry but everyone wanted to go take naps. 
Okay so we were just flipping through the channels and we saw that Broke Back Mountain was on
 TV and Tom was all excited because they have been the "Gay Cowboys" for a long time making fun of the movie but they had never seen it and now it was on TV! haha So we change it it had just started i didn't think that they were really going to watch it but we saw the whole movie. I saw this movie with Kelly and Molly when it was in Theaters.
 I definitely liked it better on TV. Anyways the boys ended up liking the movie. Silly. We totally missed Zach. 
After Broke Back Mountain we went to Denny's came home had a Slumber Party in the living room with 3 mattresses and i just crashed i was so tired. Fun Times!
Day 24:Sunday 
we got up late watched tv alot and just chilled out until we were all really hungry, We said bye to Ryan and then we grabed something to eat said bye to Brad and then me
 Vickie and Deb got on the road to go to Utah! We played good sining and chick
 music and it was a blast! Made a stop at Albertsons to get something to eat an
d then to Terrance's House to wait for Terrance, Zach and Jed. Terrance came home and we
 watched Batman Begins and soon Zach and Jed got here and they brought Megahan and Brady, we finished watching the movie and we
 went to Racheritos haha came home stayed up talking about seriously everything and then we all fell asleep. Good day!
Here are more Photo from the weekend: