Sunday, September 14, 2008

Day... i lost count

vickie got new headphones pretty pretty.8/31

my Friend Tyler T. After a very long time like a year i saw him and kyle again! i love seeing these guys they are so funny and just good company! however i noticed that me and Tyler have nothing in common! But we get along perfectly he has a way of making me laugh! 9/1

This is home now. Still unpacking and making things work. Hello to the 6th place i have moved into the past 2 years. sometimes i wish i could have my own room to come to when i come back to GA. its watevers.9/3

Work Work Work...
5:30-7:30 El Taco Real
i need to look cute for the customer, i get better tips when i look good ha 9/4

Cake... Daniel's birthday he is now 8 ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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