Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Baby Calls Me Rachero Caliente!

i didn't do a good job this week at taking photos...

These are my favorite shoes. My brown warped vans i got them in destine florida with talia and vickie summer before my senior year. they were 10 bucks and the guy that gave then to me thought i was cute so he gave them to me for 8!they have been through alot! they are going to go bye bye soon. they have multiple holes everywhere. but they are the most comfortable things ever! i dont know if i have the heart to throw them away. 9/15

This is Denise. She is my cousin's daughter cute huh!she is 2! you cant help but melt when you meet her. we all went to go get ice cream and and her ate our ice cream
 on the floor in front of Brusters and then i finished mine on the b
ench where i took this photo of her. She is one of the few kids who doesnt smile or react when there is a camera. I thought that was fascinating. 


vickie in the car with a mouth full of Carne Asada tacos but she couldnt help but sing along to Shake Your Peace in the car! 9/21

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