Thursday, August 21, 2008

I my body just wakes up at 9:50 no matter what time i went to be the next day...

A- Animal of choice? Bulldogs... i know vickie is going to say that i took that from her too but i really really want one... but i mean if we are talking like wild animals...i think panthers are beautiful.

B- Born? March 31, 1987

D- Date of Choice? making food and a movie but i've never done that..

E- Essential Item? Zooey (my ipod)Dechenel

F- Favorite Foods? Chiles Rellenos

G- Gas or Diesel? i prefer an eco. friendly car

H- Hobbies? Photo journaling.

I- favorite ice cream? Vanilla with Raspberries!

J- current job? none... looking for one...

K- Kids? i want some of my own when i'm married and i want to adopt a child who is older or who is mentally challenged 

L- Last vacation? mmmm... i think it was to orlando florida 06. But if i count Portland... that was this last mid semester break!

M- Morning person or Night owl? Funny i just learned i was a morning person this past semester.

N- Number of Siblings? 3, Vickie 20, Felipe 14, Dani 11

O- OCD or Sloppy? Middle but leaning more towards OCD.

P- Pet peeves? Pick up after your self.

Q- Quiet or Loud? Loud with a small crowed, Quite with a big crowd

R- Restaurants? California Pizza Kitchen. or El Taco Real

S- Sports? Volley Ball.

T- Tight wad or Spender? Tight.

U- Unknown Fact? I won third place in me Elementary School Chess Tournament...

V- Vegetables? I'm a Vegetarian! i love them all but i love Mushrooms the best!

W- Worst Habit? do i have habits?!?!?! 

X- xtra curricular activities? Art club, Volleyball

Y- Your favortite things about yourself? Physically, my nose. i like that i make goals. i like that when i decided to do something that its for me and not just to please people but if pleasing people is part of it then great! 

Z- Zodiac Sign? Aries 

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