Sunday, July 20, 2008

Day 25: Sunday

 i hate packing and that was all i did friday morning and after noon and saturday! YUCK YUCK YUCK! So this is a photo form day 22 Thursday.

This photo is Day 23:Friday
 Friday was a great day! i got up early to get everything that i need doneat school. Helped out Tyler with a photo. Cleaned and packed. Meet the Gibson's BBQ. McDonalds icecream.
 Twin Bridges, I jumped! Screamed along to Hello Good
bye with Zach and Vickie! Fireworks, Rolling lit
 up tires at the Spill Way! Blowing up propane bottles! and then back home with Deb
 and v
ickie to clean up for white glove. BOO!

Day 24: Saturday 
Checked out form colonial. at 12:oo pm and then me and Deb took showers
 in the lounge ha. Followed by watching Stick It. Then Tom helped us move our stuff. Then to Ryan and Quinn's. I wanted to make sure to say bye to Ryan but Ryan ended up staying the night and so we all just hung out(Ryan, Quinn,
 Tom, Deb, Vickie, and me) we went to Hard Hat and since everyone ate stakes but me i was way hungry but everyone wanted to go take naps. 
Okay so we were just flipping through the channels and we saw that Broke Back Mountain was on
 TV and Tom was all excited because they have been the "Gay Cowboys" for a long time making fun of the movie but they had never seen it and now it was on TV! haha So we change it it had just started i didn't think that they were really going to watch it but we saw the whole movie. I saw this movie with Kelly and Molly when it was in Theaters.
 I definitely liked it better on TV. Anyways the boys ended up liking the movie. Silly. We totally missed Zach. 
After Broke Back Mountain we went to Denny's came home had a Slumber Party in the living room with 3 mattresses and i just crashed i was so tired. Fun Times!
Day 24:Sunday 
we got up late watched tv alot and just chilled out until we were all really hungry, We said bye to Ryan and then we grabed something to eat said bye to Brad and then me
 Vickie and Deb got on the road to go to Utah! We played good sining and chick
 music and it was a blast! Made a stop at Albertsons to get something to eat an
d then to Terrance's House to wait for Terrance, Zach and Jed. Terrance came home and we
 watched Batman Begins and soon Zach and Jed got here and they brought Megahan and Brady, we finished watching the movie and we
 went to Racheritos haha came home stayed up talking about seriously everything and then we all fell asleep. Good day!
Here are more Photo from the weekend:

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