Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Day 6: Monday

I get done with school around 2pm but i got out like at 1 pm i was way tired from the night before i stayed up late waiting for Jana to open her mission call which by the way she is going to ROME ITALY!
So i came back home and i took a nap and i got up and watched some SNL skits on hulu.com and i got bored so me and deb went on a bike ride so that i could take some photos. 

Cam back home went to FHE came back home and i read some talks for my Prep to Eternal Marriage class and did that till about 9:00 so i spent most of my day since around 1:30 on my bed looking at my computer screen. GROSS!!

So at 9:15 Tom called vickie so that we could go to the movies. 

We went to go watch Iron Man. i liked it cheese but it was good. Brandon Judy came! i never see him anymore and he is so silly.

Sorry there is not shot for 11:11 we were in the movies and it was way to dark to take a photo of what vickie was doing. SAD!

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