Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Day30: Tuesday

Day 25well i had a picture in the slc airport... goodbye west coast... we got home went to appelbees and went went home to hang out with caitlin! she she was our official first friend to come and see us!! i love her so much!
Day 26day 

This was sunday! me and vickie drove to see peter! well from my aunts house... decided we were hungry and went to got CANDY! 
let me take a minute to say then when your a kid that really all you want. so why is it that when we are all grown up that we don't eat them more often? i dont know? 
So we got our candy... sour patch kids, sour skittles and M&Ms... actually and since that night every time we hung out we got candy...

Day 30?
i want to say that this was the day that me and vickie made super nachos for Peter's mom!
it was way fun! it was the first time Peter went grocery shopping! we went to buy all the ingredients and we went to make them at Peter's house! it was so
 funny! mostly because Peter is crazy and funny... seriously like when he dropped a spoon or something he yelled out out loud for no reason and picked up the spoon off the ground... random and silly me and vickie love spending time with peter! he makes us laugh! The dinner proceeded to him eating the 10 layer nachos without a fork silly... oh and this was Peter's second day at being a vegetarian. and this was also the day that Petere decided he was mexican and he gave us a name... Mexitarian...

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