Saturday, July 5, 2008



Later that day...

I started to read Twilight last semester read about 100 pages in one sitting and the only reason i stopped was because i needed to take a nap. It was way good and i wanted to finish it so i started to read it so i could just get away from everything that was on my mind. 

Here is my shot for 11:11 we went to eat pizza 
and just hang out at Quinn's parents house but we ended up just eating and talking on the Trampoline! This was really the only time that made me happy the entire day.  My whole day was just off. So, i had my whole day planned out and i couldn't get any of it done! 
Jake took me out to get Jamba and that got me through the morning. 
I was so excited that at the end of the day i got to smile. I was finding that really hard through out the day. Oh gosh it was a crazy fun night! uncomfortable and full of awkward moves here and there! oh how i would shot myself if i didn't have the friends that i spend everyday with!

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Zach Gibson said...

you don't hate your life