Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Day 7: Tuesday

me and vickie went to Daniela's going away/birthday party but i couldn't stay there so i asked Vickie if we could leave. We were seriously there for 3 mins. We left and we soon realized that we had no other friends that weren't at Danielas thing or on the way to idaho falls. BUT oh how we were wrong. Matt Hoffman wasn't there but it also didn't help that he wasn't home. So off we wen to visit KAT!!!
she was soo home we talked outside for a bit and then we made our way to Jamba on her cute yellow green buggie! Were i think we stayed to talk till about 11:30. I genuinely love and care for Kat. i know she gets it alot but i do think that she has a lot of wisdom in her and i think she is the kind of person that you have something to learn from. Oh and she is like 2 years younger than me. She is like Talia.

Here is my shot for today. Totally tyler.

Devotional was pretty good today.

I hate(d) today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

however i got a 100 on my lit quiz from last time.

Peace and Love

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