Sunday, June 29, 2008

Day 5: Sunday

This is my photo of the day for sunday!
we went on a bike ride! it was way to hot to stay inside. actually it was too hot for zach to stay inside his place. I was at my place painting and
 watching Anne of Green Gables with Deb and Vickie. I couldn't stay inside i was starting to think too much when i was painting! i was soo happy when Zach texted me to go on a bike ride or a walk.  This is actually a shot of Meghan and Brady is on the 
right. Me, Vickie, Deb, Tom, Zach, Brady and Meghan went on a bike ride.
After our bike ride we had a BBQ (dear meat with some side dishes). Its so silly we had so much fun bouncing a ball from the balcony of the boys apartment while we were waiting  for the food. I LOVE my Friends!!

here is my Shot for 11:11.
We were watching Arrested Development at this precise time. On Zach's Laptop, speakers and with the door open because the boys have no AC. I guess it was a ghetto way to watch it but I wouldn't have it any other way. This was the activity we choose after i came back with brownies to conclude the BBQ!


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