Thursday, June 26, 2008

DAY 1 of my photo journal! Wednesday

my teacher for color photo gave us the assignment of taking a meaningful photograph everyday.
but i decided from saturday that was what i wanted to do! i'm so excited for this!
here is one for yesterday.

 this is Thursadays photo.
we are at the boys place waiting for their game and we just sat on the couch and watched sport center like usual. i would be shot dead if ryan wan in the photo. he's good looking i don't know what he wouldn't want to be in the shot. 
anyways it was a fun time. Ryan was being really funny, vickie was being her self and i guess tom didnt take his nap because he was falling asleep. 

for my series i'm taking photos of vickie at 11:11 of just at 11 i think buy here is my first one.  hopefully the next ones will be good.

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