Sunday, June 29, 2008

Day 4: Saturday

We went to Rigby lake yesterday. How sad that it was the first time this summer that it was nice enough for us to go to the lake or "the Beach" as Meghan and Zach like to call it. Silly huh?
It was way fun! we played 500, Marko Polo and the boys played a game with a racket ball where they stand in a row and then the person with the racket ball is to aim the the boys in the row and hit them with the ball. It was funny to watch and the boys got hugh welts on the their backs.
I think that this is a typical "beach" shot and i had to because we were at "Rigby Beach" ha. Saturday as a lot of fun.

This is my photo for 11:11 i was sitting upside down. I was trying to get the water out if my hears from earlier when we went to the lake. But the water was still there. i guess i like my toes?! haha

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