Friday, June 6, 2008

show to come!

so me and vickie went over to the Chones Bandits place tonight just like we do most nights but zach started reading Brittney's blog... so note to self never post the link to this blog.

me vickie and zach are going to see till and the wall july 2 and the boys are going to take me and vickie out on date on account that we are poor and we can/should save as much possible money for the show.

Andrew bird is playing a free show in SLC the 17 i think me and zach are deff. going vickie will most likely come too i cant go to a show with out her!
the last time i went to a show without her i was left alone while Hey Cait was with new friends i didnt know. i was BORED in between set!

I'm really happy about my hepatic and visual photo assignments i think i did an ok job!

oh so i have a crush! 
he is really nice to me, which is a nice change and he is way cute. i dont know if i will do something about it i'm just glad that i could potentially like someone other than tyler!

Peace and Love

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