Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dear Journal...

Decent day today.
 i didn't cry and i got a lot of stuff done and had time at the end of the day to hang out with my "boyfriends" vickie and deb!
i don't have homework that i had to get done tonight so me and vickie got to watch 2 episodes of ugly betty! I really like that show.
I got my photographs ready to be mounted tomorrow. 
oh and i got a 9.5 in one of them!!
i got an 8 on the other one but i'm going to turn in other photo to replace that one.
i really want an A in my photo class and i'm going to work really hard to get it! even if it kills me!!!!
Tyler is dumb!
i met Kara today.
i love how i run away when lynzie is in the same room as tyler.... uh watevers!
i talked to talia today and that made me happy and i talked to heather the other day and it was really nice.
me and heather might do a kids with camera's kind of thing!
I'm excited!!

"...and it was called yellow... your only skin and bones, turned into something beautiful... you know i loved you so..."

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