Saturday, June 21, 2008


we went camping last night!
zach, tom, quinn, troy, paul, brenda(paul's wife), me vickie and 2 of brenda's friend who happen to be in my Prep to Eterna
l Marriage class (nattie and Jeslin sp?)

best camping trip so far.
zach didn't wake up cranky and he had fun.
we had hot dog which i did not eat because im a vegetarian. i had pb&js 
we had a sweet camp fire that tom kept going because he is ADD and cant sit still.
And really what kind of a night would it be if the boys werent talking about past silly stories and inside jokes as well as making fun of me, which vickie joined in!! oh man.

we went to sleep around 3 and we were woken up b
y mosquitos all around, biting us, it was the worst. 

zach, quinn, nattie and jeslin left soon after we woke up they all had to be back in town.

The rest of us stayed for a bit and when we decided to leave we wanted to see the water falls in the park so we ended up running into paul troy and brenda and then we decided to see the caves that were underneath a water fall in the park. walked a bit to get there and then we decided to eat breakfast, eggs, fries, and bacon.
it was tasty -the bacon. 

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