Thursday, June 26, 2008

DAY 2: Thursday

Me vickie and tyler usually do lunch together tuesdays and thursdays. This was a quick snap shot of tyler just like he is. candid and this is so him. The placement of
 his hands. that is just how tyler talks and eats and explains things with his hands like that. the next photo shows his hands. how the heck do i know this about tyler!

this is another photo that i thought documented my side of the table where me and tyler had lunch. He bought me that sweet fruit stick!
Did i mention that vickie hardly comes anymore. 

i should have mentioned that tyler decided to grow a mustache! 

I went to prep to eternal marriage and we were watching the movie that opra 
made about tuesdays with morrie (the book is great i think the book was more moving than the movie but the movie was pretty acurate to the book)
anyways we were to write down some insights by morrie and one of them was, "if you'r
e in bed
 you're dead." So i come home from school and i find vickie in my room in the spare bed lying there just reading her boo
k with out a care in the world but what is going on in this book. She wasnt wasting her time she was just reading.  I think i like how everything is washed out but her hair and the bed sheets. 

Meghan's bachlorett party was tonight as well i wanted to document that as well and how everyone was wearing yellow but this one was the only one that i liked. i like how the girl's (amy) tights are pointing towards meghan. It's candid.  and i like the color pallet in it.


meghan showing off her shoes!

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