Sunday, January 18, 2009

I'll never have a dinner like i had last night

I went over to Peter's yesterday because his mom wanted to make me dinner. It was cool I thought i was going to casual but his mom made dinner and we ate it in their dinning room with music in the background. Kinda fancy... Anyways so it was jut me Peter and his parents. Eating with Peter is always entertaining. But at this dinner he talked about Masons, Ninja fighting styles, being cultured, a Celin Dion Concert, Ligers and by the end of dinner Peter was proving to his parents that he could tear a phone book in half. Like in the middle of dinner Peter got up to find a phone book so that he could tear it in half! I was laughing so hard and so was Peter's dad. It was just great like the conversations that we were having and Peter's mom was just trying to to have this nice dinner and she was chuckling every once in a while.
I was i had taped that dinner. I was AMAZING!
we went to barns and noble afterwards to look at their art books.

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Vickie said...

Noemi that sounds like fun. I'm really really jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and also... You should consider proof reading your blogs...its hard to read sometimes