Monday, February 23, 2009

2 weeks left.

I watched the Oscar's last night. Lina, Amanda, Taryn and Jamie Came over to watch.
I had middle eastern food on Saturday night. It was good! Different but good.
Saturday morning, Temple. I wish I could write about my experience here but I'll save this experience for my tangible journal.
Saturday I was just drained.... such a spiritually draining day. So I went home like at 11. So early right?!
Friday there was a "Chones Party" at the girls house. And it was also a goodbye party for Rachel. I was getting ready to leave it was 11:30 or so. But Rachel gathers all the girls in the house and brings them back to her room. We picked a song to dance to (miley/hanna) and she was just like ok everyone take off your cloths and dance! So 95% of the girls took off thier pants and danced around for a good 2 minutes with out pants! haha It was soo funny! I didn't think anyone was going to do it but i'm glad they did, It was liberating. haha
I'm really sad that she is leaving. She is on of the nicest girls here in the ward. Maybe she will be back when I come back from my mission.
that was my weekend.

I leave in 2 weeks!! OMG! i have notthing ready! I'll get it done...

peace and love


Quinn the Eskimo said...

It's too bad you never got to see the apartment above the Thai food restaurant. Around here, dance parties with no pants are called "Tuesday night."

Vickie said...

i want a chones party!! that why i'm never invited to tuesday fest anymore?